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Sophie Krantz 2023

Lead Global

Leading your way to 
worldwide success 

Hello and welcome

I'm thrilled you've stopped by. In the ever-evolving world of business in the digital age, I find myself constantly on the move, exploring new ideas and strategies to stay ahead.

This landing page serves as a central hub, a quick update point in our fast-paced digital age. Here, you'll find the latest on where I am and what I'm up to, with direct links to dive deeper.


        The Open Invitation for Accelerated Success in 2024 is for individuals with untapped talent and ambition. It highlights 24 reasons to strive for greater success in 2024. If you know someone who is on the cusp of big things, and you’d love to see them shine in 2024, share this guide with them as a sign of your belief in their potential (link here). 

        Intrigued by how global networks shape success? Discover my tailored Global Network Assessment on ChatGPT (link here).

        At ExO Insight, I'm a frequent voice, delving into how ambitious goals and exponential technology intersect and reshape business success and our world (link here).

        For handy resources and free downloadables, check out here

        Curious about my professional journey and insights into global business strategy? Let's connect on LinkedIn where I regularly share insights and learnings from around the world (link here).

        And to receive my most critical insights on global strategy and leadership, you can subscribe to my Substack:



As the digital landscape shifts, I'll keep this space updated. If you would like to be in touch directly, please send an email to sophie(at) and my team will be in touch to set up a time to talk.  

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