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Colour Your World with Sophie Krantz

Hi, I'm Sophie. I'm a global strategist.
Around the world, I enable
business leaders and entrepreneurs 
accelerate global success.

Sophie Krantz 2023

What if you saw the world as a blank canvas?

The world feels really hard to navigate with certainty. So many parts of the world feel out of bounds, untouchable, unattainable. 

There is much complexity and opaqueness in the world. Geopolitical tensions. Economic contraction. Social unrest. Business environment cost and complexity. All of it is out of our control. There is no positive change on the horizon. 


We view a blurred map when trying to see how to achieve commercial success on the world stage. But it's hard to shake aspirations of achieving something greater in the world. 


For business leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers, it is hard to form a strategy. It is even harder to execute it. 

If doing business around the world were like painting, our resources feel limited.


It is impossible to paint a masterpiece when all you have is hues of grey and black on the palette. It's an incomplete toolkit. 

"All of the great entrepreneurs are artists."
 - Naval Ravikant, Founder, AngelList

Yet there are glimmers of colour.

When we bring into focus what is working in the world, colours representing extraordinary success and opportunity emerge.  We can see how companies are achieving market-beating returns on investment by updating their legacy business models and solving problems on a global scale. 

These fragments of colour are revealing. They paint a picture of possibility in the world. 

I am obsessed with what is working in the world and making it work for more people. More winners in more places. My vision is a world where all business leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers can paint their own Monet (or Hirst, or Nara). By colouring the world we bring what is needed into the world. When this is globally successful, we all live in a better, brighter, more colourful world.

The world lacks colour. We need your colour. 

Where are you in the world?

Where could you be?

What's stopping you from getting there?

Start to Colour Your World in 2023

Colour Your World and Reduce Grey and Blind spots
Colour Your World Splash of Colour
Colour Your World to Accelerate Global Success
Colour Your World by Sophie Krantz 2023 (Book Cover)

Colour Your World

Expand Your Worldview, Accelerate Global Success

A new book by Sophie Krantz

Available in mid 2023

The world is not popping with colour and possibility for the business leader, entrepreneur, or change-maker with aspirations of something greater in the world. Economic, environmental, social, and political challenges make it hard to put products, services, and solutions out into the world with certainty and without increasing cost and complexity. 

But there are winners in the global economy. They they show glimmers of colour of what is possible to achieve in the world. It is possible to leverage your underlying resources, talents, and assets, building on past success, to achieve greater global success and impact. 

When you see the world as a blank canvas, you can reduce distraction, remove redundancy, act decisively, and achieve deliberately. Then, your colour can shine brilliantly around the world.

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