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Colour Your World with Sophie Krantz in 2023
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Colour Your World Splash of Colour

Your short instructional video is below:

To Colour Your World is to look at the world as a blank canvas. Doing so is to update your global strategy.
A global strategy is about your markets. But it is also to:

Colour Your World to update your Global Strategy
Colour Your World to update your Global Strategy

To Colour Your World is to expand your worldview. 

It is to see the world as a blank canvas to cut through complexity.

Colour Your World to accelerate global success.

Whatever your definition of success, value stems from mitigating risks while seizing opportunities around the world. When you do this easier, sooner, and more impactfully than your competitors, you carve out a competitive advantage. 

Colour Your World by Sophie Krantz

Colour Your World

One Day Workshop

Update your Global Strategy for 2023

Why this workshop?

  • External complexity persists around the world. Remove blind spots and reduce the ineffective allocation of scarce resources where there is little-to-no return.

  • Today's winners in business are carving out greater gains in market share and making profit. Understand what is working and how to make it work for you in 2023. 

  • Update your business strategy to mitigate current and emerging risks and maximize commercials returns, wherever they stem from around the world.

  • Confirm three areas of focus in the next 90 days that will untap new value in your business. 

Sophie Krantz

What is the format?

  • Interactive and fast-paced, facilitated by Global Strategist, Sophie Krantz. 

  • Outcome-oriented. A Global Strategy for 2023 will be designed with an execution plan set for the next 90 days.

  • In-person or online.

  • Follow-up online coaching session for the leadership team.

  • Templates and resources will be provided.

Who is it for?

  • Business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking commercial growth in 2023, and that are affected by current and emerging competitors, trends, opportunities and risks from around the world.

When is the workshop being held?

  • Six workshops are available in the second quarter of 2023.

To discuss, contact Sophie:

Colour Your World by Sophie Krantz
Colour Your World by Sophie Krantz 2023 (Book Cover)

Colour Your World

Expand Your Worldview, Accelerate Global Success

By Sophie Krantz

New Book Available in June 2023

The world is not popping with colour and possibility for the business leader, entrepreneur, or change-maker with aspirations of something greater in the world. Challenges at the economic, social, and political levels make it hard to products, services, and solutions out into the world with certainty and without increasing cost and complexity. 

But there are winners in the global economy. They they show glimmers of colour of what is possible to achieve in the world today. It is possible to leverage your underlying resources, talents, and assets, building on past success, to achieve greater global success and impact. 

When you see the world as a blank canvas, you can reduce distraction, remove redundancy, act decisively, and achieve deliberately. Then, your colour can shine brilliantly around the world.

For book updates and pre-release downloadable tools, sign up here.

Colour Your World by Sophie Krantz
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