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Stuck Here, With Everywhere To Go:
How to do business out in the world without international travel

Trying to do business internationally? Feeling stuck? You're not alone.

International borders were slammed shut in early 2020. Around the world, crowded airline lounges became empty, flights darting across the world stopped, and bustling cafes, bars and trade fair halls sat empty.

As international business leaders, we swapped the sound of landing gear for the sight of landing pages, a lively world for doing business became a lonely planet and jet lag was exchanged for Zoom fatigue. For many of us, this remains the set future with foreign border closures, virus variants arising, and lengthy quarantine requirements in place.

Parts of the world are opening up, while others are set to remain closed for the indefinite future. It is not an even playing field.  

Is there a better way of doing business internationally? Yes.
Is it possible for business leaders to have greater certainty. Yes.

International business strategy expert Sophie Krantz knows that leaders need to secure commercial targets today while strengthening relationships, garnering market intelligence and building pipelines for future success.

Sophie has developed a framework to enable international business leaders to do business internationally, in a world without international travel. The framework is mapped out in Sophie's new book; 'Stuck Here, With Everywhere To Go'.

If you are an international business leader unable to travel for business, after reading the book you will be able to:

  • Explore how you can do business out in the world, achieving commercial objectives and strategic targets, in a low-tech, no-investment and low-touch way. This can be with team members, partners, investors or clients.

  • Learn how to strengthen your ability to communicate and have rich conversations with key stakeholders when the option to meet face-to-face is not an option for you, although it may be possible for your competition.

  • Develop your own brand and leadership style, demonstrating to internal and external stakeholders that international business remains a firm priority to you and your company. You will also enjoy getting back out into the word again.


Are you feeling stuck here, with everywhere to go out in the world? If you are, this book will help you get going.

If you used to go abroad for business more than two times a year in the past, this book will make doing business without international travel easier, more productive, and far more enjoyable.

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