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International Business Leadership


It's a Lonely Planet for
International Business Leaders

Doing business internationally has been stopped in its tracks.

We used to get out in the world. It gave connection, it provided insight and inspiration and it secured commercial outcomes.

And lots of people were doing it. Pre-Covid business travel was valued at US$800 billion dollars per annum.

Business leaders would travel, visiting one or several international markets. And, people would come to them.

Time was spent face-to-face in meetings, holding team offsites, attending events, and learning about markets, trends, talent, partners and competitors. In-person interactions benefited both sides, building trust and relationships. It demonstrated market commitment.

We went from waiting in airport lounges, to staring at computer screens.

Absent was the sound of the landing gear signaling a flight's descent. The focus became on a strengthened online presence and shifted to landing pages.

It went from being a lively planet to explore and experience to being a lonely planet for international business leaders. 

Jet lag has become a thing of the past, to a new reality of widespread Zoom fatigue.

There is a better way to get out into the world to do business, from home. 

I am an advisor, author and coach. With international business leaders around the world, I run group materclasses, mentor individuals and advise leaders on to secure stronger commercial outcomes, leverage technology and connectivity without being a slave to it, and achieve market- or global-specific goals and targets.

All, without travel. 

I understand how hard it is to lead a business internationally, without being able to get out into the world. 

I work with business leaders who want to be the best on the world stage in the new international business environment. 

Sophie Krantz