Your International Network for Growth in 2020

For many businesses, the second half of 2020 is characterised by:

  • Reduced interaction with overseas buyers, agents and prospective partners.  No in-person engagement. 

  •  Supply chain disruptions.

  • Reduced sales pipeline from international markets.

  • New market entry is on hold.

  • A lack of energy and inspiration that comes from visiting overseas markets to build and engage a network.

  • Zoom fatigue. Low levels of commercial outcomes from online activities that try to replicate physical initiatives such as buyer meetings or trade shows.

  • Uncertainty when business will return to normal, or what the new normal will look like.

An international network can be used to assess, test and act on business opportunities. A strong international network helps to secure a strong international business.  It can be built and maintained all from a computer or smartphone.

A strong international network is characterised by:

  • Knowing people in markets where you currently have customers or clients, and those where trends indicate growth opportunities exist.

  • Being in regular contact with your existing network and expanding it.

  • Leveraging your network to learn and take quick action on new market opportunities.

  • Delivering value to your network and going beyond making a hard sell.

  • Nurturing relationships for a close-knit circle of advisors to emerge and which can give valuable advice on market opportunities and threats. 

  • Learning from from a curated, global group of people.  Collaborating to create new value in the world.  

  • Being aligned to (i) business objectives, as well as (ii) personal career aspirations.

  • Critically, while professional roles and titles change, a professional network is owned and can be leveraged by the individual. 

How strong is your international network and can you use it to secure growth in 2020 and beyond?

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