Achieving International
Business Growth in 2021

This year many of us have been forced to stay home. Some 2.7 billion workers, representing 80% of the global workforce, have been under lockdown during the year.  

Up until fairly recently, how a business was run and its success was largely influenced by where it was located in the world.  This included how it entered and achieved growth in international markets.  

Programs that support businesses to grow internationally have traditionally focused on the physical world. These activities have an important role to play and will resume when it is safe to travel and international borders reopen.

Much can be done while we are geographically isolated from leveraging digital connectivity.  The events of 2020 interrupted how we work, who we work with, and how we buy and sell goods and services.  

With the majority of international borders closed, it is timely that business support organisations and business leaders reexamine what the connected world means for businesses today and emerge stronger tomorrow.

A handful of companies enjoyed significant growth in 2020.  They include exponential organisations that leverage technology and innovation to be better, faster, cheaper than competitors. They scale globally with ease, and they are agile to respond to opportunities and risks in the global business and regulatory environment.  

It has never been easier to understand and emulate the success of these companies.  It has never been as important for business survival to do so.

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International business leaders who cross borders:
Connected, confident & commercially successful

Enabling International Business Expansion in 2021
& Beyond

A focus on what can businesses do in 2021 to survive and then thrive post-pandemic - how technology and innovation can enable strengthened operations in a low-cost, low-risk, high-impact way, and then how to scale internationally when the time is right.

Business Support Organisations

There are pockets of economic growth around the world - are your support services positioned to enable clients to capture it? Sophie delivers a tailored training program for organisations wanting to update their practitioners' skill set to promote international growth among their client base.

Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Playing a vital role in enabling businesses to grow internationally and scale globally. Sophie delivers coaching programs for business leaders to develop the confidence, competence and connections to de-risk international growth in 2021. This builds on the ExO framework for building globally scaled companies. Sophie can deliver ExO certified training and coaching programs. 


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