Work Together

You can't connect dots when you don’t collect dots.

Dots represent market intelligence, strategic insights, and critical information. In a rapidly changing world, a business leader with an expanded worldview and activated global network makes more informed, strategic decisions. They gain a competitive advantage.

Sophie works with leaders to collect more dots. They then connect dots. They go on to secure sustained commercial success. Here’s how:

Global Leadership Strategy Workshops

In a half-day interactive workshop, leadership teams assess whether their strategic thinking and actions are confined locally or are globally oriented. They explore how global trends, technologies, and threats impact business outcomes and strategic planning, which is crucial for effective leadership in today’s interconnected world.

Participants' abilities to interpret global dynamics and predict how international trends will impact both local and global operations and strategic goals are assessed. The focus is on understanding shifts in market forces, including advances in emerging technology, geopolitical changes, regulatory developments, and innovative business models. These elements are vital for enhancing strategic decision-making. The outcome is a clear identification of gaps in global thinking and the formulation of a strategic plan to address these gaps.

Leader Advisory Boards

How important is your professional network to achieve your ambitious goals? Does your network reflect the world that was, or the world that is becoming?

Sophie leads the creation of tailored, personal advisory boards for leaders, building on her extensive global experience in this space. This service focuses on connecting these executives with influential leaders, business figures, technology experts, and regulatory specialists worldwide.

Participants develop a network tailored to strategic needs including investment, introductions, strategic influence in regulatory spaces, market intelligence, and implementation pathways.

This is a crucial source of competitive advantage when the world’s most significant trends, technologies, and threats originate worldwide. Who we know becomes as important, if not more important, than what we know.

Sophie facilitates the strategic alignment of these networks with the executives’ goals, providing a robust platform for global networking and strategic counsel. This collaboration enhances leaders’ strategic perspectives and drives organisational growth and development. It emphasises the power of connections, granting access to worldwide insights enabling executives to focus selectively on their strategic priorities.

Global Mastermind Groups

Small, curated cohorts of leaders from diverse global backgrounds participate in a six-month mastermind program. This program features in-market intensive visits to India and China, allowing leaders to gain firsthand insights into future developments beyond conventional news coverage and dominant narratives.

Additionally, the program features a series of online interactive sessions with world-leading experts in emerging technology, business model innovation, strategic foresight, and geopolitics. These sessions not only equip leaders with strategic insights and enhance their global networks but also offer a platform for rigorous debate and dialogue under Chatham House Rules, ensuring confidentiality and fostering an environment conducive to open sharing.

The program culminates with participants delivering strategic presentations for feedback from a panel of global executives, addressing issues of strategic and commercial significance. This final stage offers an opportunity to refine and validate strategies for practical application in their respective boardrooms.

Keynote Presentation: See The World

Sophie delivers ‘See The World,’ a keynote presentation that takes business leaders on a global tour to explore what the unapologetically globally ambitious see and do.

To expand your worldview, updating how you secure sustained commercial success, get in touch with Sophie.