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Colour Your World Resources
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Free Resources. 

For when you need to get more of what you do out into the world. 

Less confusion and complexity.

More clarity and commercial success. 

Stuck Here, With Everywhere to Go by Sophie Krantz (Book Cover)

Stuck Here With Everywhere To Go 

How to do business out in the world without international travel 

By Sophie Krantz

This eBook contains tips, tricks, and tools on how to assess, access, and accelerate global commercial success from the comfort of wherever you are in the world. To get out into the world is to know and navigate the world easier, sooner, and more impactfully than your competitors.

Written during the pandemic when the world was in lockdown. Since then, a group of business leaders have opted to travel less, yet successfully scale their business globally. A different framework has emerged and is mapped out in this short book. 


Global travel: guaranteed. Physical travel: optional.
Download for free here.

Colour Your World Card in Envelope

Colour Your World Cards

By Sophie Krantz

Colour Your World in 2023 with the people in your world. Download and share these cards with your comrades, colleagues, or perhaps even your competitors (who may be future collaborators). Together we can design and execute global strategies and Colour the World.

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