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Colour Your World Sophie's World
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My work enables business leaders, entrepreneurs, and
change-makers to accelerate global success.

It builds on their past success, leverages what the winners in the
global economy are doing, and is driven by an aspiration to
achieve something bigger.

Together, we Colour the World.

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Colour Your World Splash of Colour


I love working globally. Throughout my career, I have worked in around 25 countries. This has ranged from international economic development at the United Nations, to emerging market expansion at reinsurer Swiss Re, and updating business models in large legacy companies, as an Exponential Organization practitioner. 

Each time, I have learnt what is working, not working, and what gaps need to be filled. And, how to fill the really important gaps to unlock profit, productivity, and prosperity.


I am obsessed with what is working in the world and how to make it work for more people. 


Cues of what is working come from studying the winners in today's global economy. While we do not necessarily need more another winner-takes-all company or space-obsessed leader, there are elements of what they do that can unlock important value when applied by others.

I work with Global Fortune 2000 companies, government agencies, and business leaders to emulate the commercial success of the world's fastest growing companies. It is not success by default. It is by design.

Colour Your World Splash of Colour

I use business model innovation, leverage accelerating technology, and apply Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Agile, and Exponential Organization frameworks. This approach has secured an average of 70x ROI for clients in recent years.


I'm a modern day expedition leader. I work with clients around the world, as a coach, advisor, and facilitator. Together, we explore how to expand into new countries and regions. We de-risk and diversify. We remove cost and complexity.

We untap intangible opportunities that that represent emerging global commercial opportunity. We validate new business models to carve out a sustainable, scalable, competitive advantage. 

I enable my clients to assess what is happening in the world and how it affects their aspirations and ambitions. They leverage success frameworks, networks, and ways of working. They build on their past success. And, they accelerate their global success.

My clients are driven to achieve global commercial success sooner and easier than their peers. Their peers are typically stifled or allocating resources ineffectively due to ongoing complexity in the world. Together, we Colour the World.

Colour Your World by Sophie Krantz
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