Sophie Krantz is an explorer. Occasionally on mountains, often at sea, always with business leaders around the world.

She brings over two decades of experience in international trade, investment, and strategic management. Having managed projects valued at up to $1 billion in over 20 countries, Sophie has worked with Global Fortune 500 companies, ASX200 firms, and within the United Nations, cultivating a broad and influential global network. She leverages this extensive experience and network to assist her clients worldwide.

Her expertise lies in navigating the complexities of the global market, where she excels at identifying and implementing strategies that drive sustained, win-win commercial success. As a practitioner of the Exponential Organization framework, Sophie’s programs empower leaders and organisations to emulate the success of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Sophie is dedicated to empowering leaders across various industries and regions to secure positive-sum business wins, adapting to new business models and emerging global challenges with innovative solutions. Her mission is to enhance the strategic capabilities of her clients, enabling them to thrive in today’s dynamic global economy.

Sophie is currently based in Melbourne, Australia and works with clients worldwide. She shares her strategic global business insights in articles on her website, at ExO Insight and in her most recent books: Global Amplifiers: Strategies to Think and Act Bigger in a Changing World and Questions to Rule the World: Challenge the Old, Embrace the New, Achieve Next-Level Success. Her next book, Rule the World, is out in late 2024.

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Is ambition a bad thing? Not when it's win-win. Leading beyond our lived experience is challenging. Yet, by expanding our worldview for deeper understanding and contracting for precise local execution, we secure sustained commercial success.


I work with business leaders to lead beyond their lived experience. With an expanded worldview, strategic intelligence, and an activated global network, they achieve postive-sum, sustained global success.