Global Amplifers:
Strategies to Think and Act Bigger in a Changing World

Global Amplifiers by Sophie Krantz draws from her extensive professional work to explore and apply transformative strategies. These strategies empower leaders and organisations to transcend the status quo and achieve next-level success. Moving beyond traditional business and leadership narratives, Sophie introduces innovative tools known as Global Amplifiers that have shaped her own success and challenged conventional leadership and corporate strategies.

This book is a personal invitation to you to redefine your approach to success and leadership in an interconnected world. It combines strategic thinking, motivational insights, and innovative practices, urging you to expand your worldview and leverage global connectivity for significant impact.

Structured as a collection of strategic insights, Global Amplifiers offers flexibility in how you engage with its content - either sequentially or by selecting sections that resonate with your current needs. Approach this book with a readiness to rethink established norms and embrace new opportunities. As a partner for those ready to embark on a journey of next-level success, it encourages you to think and act bigger.

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Questions to Rule the World:
Challenge the Old, Embrace the New, Achieve Next-Level Success

Questions to Rule the World by Sophie Krantz is an exploration designed to redefine leadership and strategic thinking in a world marked by rapid change. Tired of people who think and play a small game, early in her career, Sophie discovered the power of questions to start conversations, de-risk and diversify, and capture new business opportunities.

Through a series of 100 provocative questions spread across three key sections, Sophie challenges leaders to critically assess the status quo, identify personal and organisational core values, and implement strategies for sustainable, impactful, commercial success.

The book begins by inviting leaders to examine established norms and outdated business practices that may hinder innovation and growth. It then shifts focus to introspection, encouraging leaders to align their actions with what truly matters to them and their organisations. The final section empowers readers to translate insights into concrete actions, focusing on strategic networking, knowledge acquisition, and innovative leadership tactics.

Questions to Rule the World is an valuable resource for a leader or organisation aiming to crate win-win business outcomes. It provides a flexible framework that can be adapted to any business context, encouraging continuous inquiry, strategic foresight, and a commitment to creating a better future.

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